Here are some frequently asked questions regarding d’Action 360 and their solutions.

Questions about the camera unit

QHow should I format a micro SD card?+
This is done by operating the camera's LCD.
Display the menu screen and execute "Format" from "Setting Menu". For details of the operation, please refer to "Initializing (formatting) microSD card" in the User's Manual.

*Formatting a microSD card erases all of the exisiting files stored on it. Back up any important data onto a storage device (such as a PC) prior to formatting.
QWhat memory card types are compatible?+
AOnly the dedicated microSD card (32GB Item No. DC3/64GB Item No. DC4/128GB Item No. DC5) can be used.
QWhere should I mount the camera?+
AThe recommended mounting position is beside the rear view mirror and within the top 20% of the upper portion of the windshield.
Be careful to avoid a mounting position where the camera view is blocked by the mirror and also avoid any interference with factory equipment.
QWhat is the power source for the camera?+
AThe power is supplied through your vehicle’s cigarette lighter receptacle using the USB power socket in the set.
Note: If the Parking Option (DC204) is attached to the camera, the camera must be connected to the vehicle’s internal wiring instead of the cigarette lighter receptacle.
QIs the camera compatible with LED traffic lights?+
AYes, it is supported.
QHow long can it record?+
APlease click here for approximate recording time and number of pictures.
QIs recorded data overwritten?+
AFor normal recording, impact recording, Parking continuous recording, and parking impact recording, the most recently saved file overwrites the oldest file when their respective folder becomes full. Manual recording is not overwritten.

Questions about the smartphone app/PC software

QCan I use any type of smartphone with the camera?+
APlease refer to "Checked device list" on the Support page.
QCan I use any type of PC with the camera?+
APlease refer to "Checked device list" on the Support page.
QHow many smartphones can be connected to the camera at one time?+
AOnly one smartphone connection per camera unit at one time.
QHow far is the communication range of the camera’s wireless LAN?+
AThe communication range is approximately 30 feet (10 meters) with a clear view.
QWhy can't I load videos on my PC?+
AHave you changed the name of the video file? If you change the file name, the PC software may not be able to read the file.
QWhen using a commercially available card reader or conversion adapter to read a microSD card on a computer If so, can I use any of them?+
ANo. The microSD card can only be used with a microSD card reader or conversion adapter. The card reader or conversion adapter must be compatible with your microSD card standard and capacity. Be sure to check before use. Please note that using a card reader or conversion adapter that has deteriorated over time or is otherwise defective may corrupt the data on the microSD card.
QAfter reading the microSD card from the computer, an error message is displayed when the card is returned to the camera and recording is no longer possible.+
AThe data in the microSD card may have been corrupted due to a problem with a commercially available card reader or conversion adapter that has deteriorated over time. Format the microSD card in the camera. If the problem persists, replace the microSD card with a new one.

Questions about the optional add-ons

QHow should I connect the Parking Option (DC204) to my car’s internal wiring?+
APower is supplied from the vehicle’s battery by wiring the camera through the ACC line, permanent power supply line and the vehicle earth electrical system.
QWhen the camera is in Parking Mode and I am away from my car, can I view the camera footage (car is off and parked) using my smartphone?+
ANo. Wireless LAN communication is disabled during Parking Mode (car is off and parked).
QWhile Parking Mode, do the camera record continuously?+
AYes. After turning off the engine, up to 30 minutes the camera record continuously.
After Parking continuous recording is completed, recording is performed only when an impact is detected.

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