d'Action 360 is a dash cam / drive action recorder featuring 360° recording.

Brand History

2017.2 DC3000
First 360° drive action recorder released as a general consumer model

The dash cam, normally used only in case of emergency, was launched in 2017 as a drive action recorder with an all-sky recording action camera function so that it can be used in everyday life.

2018.11 DC5000
360°×360° drive action recorder with Dual-recording function launched

Along with the evolution to 360° x 360° recording, the camera functionality has been further improved by establishing a patented technology to simultaneously export the front recording to improve license plate recognition performance, which has been an issue with 360° recording.

2021.11 DC4000R
Launched 3-camera dash cam including 360° camera

Equipped with three cameras (360°, front and rear), the 360° dash cam records license plates more clearly.

2022.10 DC3600R
Launched 2-camera dash cam including 360° camera equipped with virtual front camera

With two cameras (360° and rear), the Dual-recording function improves forward license plate recognition performance and makes the ARF model more affordable than the DC4000R.



Three successive products have received the Good Design Award. We pursue designs with attention to detail that are both advanced and practical to fit in with everyday life.

Track record of safety product development

Based on our more than 30 years of experience in child seat development, we evaluate the reliability of dash cams under the assumption of a traffic accident using crash testing machines that meet international standards at our own factory.

Inspection and packaging at our domestic factory

We conduct quality inspections and packaging at our factory in Yuki City, Ibaraki Prefecture. Our products are delivered to our customers after undergoing strict quality control and inspection in accordance with domestic standards.

Use of 360° video for traffic safety education

Against the backdrop of the recent increase in bicycle accidents, we produced a video in collaboration with the Oita Prefectural Police Headquarters.
This initiative is designed to help raise safety awareness by allowing students to experience simulated accidents by viewing 360° VR videos shot with a DC5000 using a smartphone and VR goggles.


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