Here are some frequently asked questions regarding d’Action 360 and their solutions.

Questions about the camera unit

QHow should I format a micro SD card?+
A 【Using your smartphone】
1. Connect the camera to a smartphone.
2. Open the d'Action360 app.
3. In the "camera settings", tap "Memory card format" button.

【Using your PC】
1. Connect the camera to a PC with a connection cable.
2. Format a microSD card with the official PC software "SD card formatter".
* Do not use Windows or Mac formatter.

【Using your camera】
1. Turn on the camera in Drive Mode or Action Mode.
2. While pressing and holding the communication button, press the power button 10 times.
* The camera must be the latest firmware.
QThe light next to the camera lens (memory LED) is blinking orange.+
A An error has occurred on the memory card. Please follow the steps below.

Check to make sure you are using a compatible memory card. Reading and writing speeds may be slower on incompatible memory cards, resulting in an error.
Back up any recorded data and format the memory card. (Refer to page 33 in the instruction manual.)
Update the firmware to the most up-to-date version.
If the issue persists even after following these procedures, the memory card may have reached the end of its life-cycle. Please replace with a new, compatible memory card.
QWhat memory card types are compatible?+
A If you are using a microSD card other than the one included in the set, ensure the following:

The card has a storage capacity between 16GB and 128GB.
The card has the “U3” logo printed on it.

Please make sure that your memory card meets the requirements listed above. There are many different memory card specifications i.e. U3, Class 10 and/or V90. However, the d’Action 360 camera utilizes a U3 memory card.
QIs the camera waterproof?+
ANo. It is not dustproof, rainproof, or waterproof.
QIs a display built-in the camera?+
ANo, but you can play back with a smartphone app.
QWhere should I mount the camera?+
A The recommended mounting position is beside the rear view mirror and within the top 20% of the upper portion of the windshield.
Be careful to avoid interfering with any factory equipment.
QWhat will recorded video and captured images look like with the 360 viewing angle?+
AThe camera recording range is hemispherical, with a viewing angles of 360 horizontally, and 194″ vertically.
QWhat is my power source for the camera?+
A The power is supplied through your car’s cigarette lighter receptacle using the USB power socket in the set.

Note: If the Parking Option (DC200A) is attached to the camera, the camera must be connected to the car’s internal wiring instead of the cigarette lighter receptacle. See more detail.
QIs the camera compatible with LED traffic lights?+
AYes, The frame rate is 27.5 fps.
Note: The camera may operate at a lower frame rate in high temperatures.
QWhat is Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)?+
A Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology corrects the brightness of video recorded in light or dark places, reducing overexposure by headlights, etc.

Set WDR to ON when you wish to reduce overexposure from headlights, etc., or adjust the brightness (exposure) setting to create a clearer image.
QWhat is the specification of the memory card included in the set?+
AmicroSDHC 16GB (UHS-I, 3)
QCan I record in 4K in Impact Recording mode and Continuous Recording mode?+
ANo. Footage is recorded in full HD equivalent (approx. 2.0 mega-pixels) in Impact Recording mode and Continuous Recording mode.
QWhat are the camera recording times and number of images that can be taken?+
A One folder will be created for each recording mode on the memory card, and captured/recorded files are saved in their respective folder. (Files for Impact Recording and Security Recording are recorded in the same folder) Select either of the following patterns for the memory card partition ratio.
Refer to the guides here for recording times and number of images.
Q Is recorded data overwritten?+
AFor Impact Recording, Parked Recording, and Continuous Recording, the most recently saved file overwrites the oldest file when their respective folder becomes full.

Questions about the smartphone app and PC software.

QCan I use any type of smartphone or OS with the camera?+
A Refer to compatibility chart (click here)
QCan I use any type of PC with the camera?+
A Refer to compatibility chart (click here)
QHow many smartphones can be connected to the camera at one time?+
AOnly one smartphone connection per camera unit at one time.
QHow long will transferring files to my smartphone take?+
A Approximate times to transfer images and videos to your smartphone are as follows:
QHow far is the communication range of the camera’s wireless LAN?+
AThe communication range is approximately 30 feet (10 meters) with a clear view.
QCan recorded videos and images be shared on social media?+
ABy using the smartphone app, 360° still images can be shared on LINE and Facebook.

Questions about the optional add-ons

QWill the Continuous Recording mode record videos while connected to the Battery Option?+
AContinuous Recording will not operate while connected to the Battery Option. Once the battery pack is attached, the camera will switch automatically to action mode, disabling operation of Continuous Recording and Impact Recording.
QHow should I connect the Parking Option (DC200A) to my car’s internal wiring?+
A Power is supplied from the vehicle’s battery by wiring the camera through the ACC line, permanent power supply line and the car earth electrical system.

Note: Installation of this product requires some specialized skill and knowledge. If you are unsure on proper connection methods, please investigate having your product installed at the point of purchase or a trained professional.
QCan I watch videos of inside the car while the camera is in Parking Mode (car is off and parked) using my smartphone?+
ANo. Wireless LAN communication is disabled during Parking Mode (car is off and parked).
QDoes the camera continuously record while it is parked and locked in Parking Mode (optional accessory DC200A required)+
ANo. In Parking Mode, recording starts only when an impact is detected.

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