360° dashboard / action camera


Product No.DC3000

*1 DC200 Parking Option is required. (sold separately)
*2 DC100 Battery Option is required. (sold separately)

Mounting location

Cautions when mounting

When mounting this camera, ensure to meet all the below requirements.

  • The mounted camera does not interfere with the driver’s vision and operation of the vehicle.
  • The mounted camera does not block the rearview mirror, or obstruct the vehicle’s airbags.
  • The camera is mounted within the upper 20% portion of the windshield.
  • The camera is mounted so that its lens is within the wiping range of windshield wipers.
  • The taped part of the camera does not overlap any heated wire printed on the windshield or antennae.
  • If additional security or safety cameras are already in place, the camera to be mounted should not be within the view of such camera.
  • No cable or metallic objects should be between the front windshield and the GPS antenna (see illustration on the right)
  • When using a sunshade the camera is not put between the windshield and a sunshade to prevent heat from storing in the camera.

Power Supply

Insert the attached power cable (4 meters) into the cigarette lighter receptacle of your vehicle to supply the power.

Lens angle and recorded footage

Adjust the lens angle depending on the recording field of view.
When the lens faces the driving direction, the camera records most of the road traffic ahead.
Adjust the lens angle to face inside the car if you want to record the inside of the car, and the traffic behind it.

Installing the Parking Option

When using d’Action 360 (DC3000) in combination with the parking option (DC200), obtain power by directly wiring to the ACC of your car, instead of the cigarette lighter receptacle.

* Installation of this product and accessories requires specialized skills and knowledge.
Please have your product installed at the point of purchase, or by an expert engineer.

Optional add-ons